Collateral and Advertising

In addition to video production, Lobo offers collateral creation, brochures and flyers, print advertising development and a wide variety of creative services. Experienced professional copywriters and graphic designers are assigned to each project on an as-need basis. The company undertakes projects from conceptual development through printing and delivery. No step of the process is overlooked.

Lobo Productions creates collateral materials for its clients that often reflect the same themes and content delivery as its video productions. Print advertising, brochures, flyers and fact sheets are all part of the offering. Printing is vended.

The production process is similar to video pre-production with significant time devoted to research and outlining prior to beginning the writing process. Still photography is handled by several associated professional still photographers with whom Lobo Productions has experience and confidence. Most still photography today is digital, but traditional formats are available depending on the needs of the client.

Graphic design is key to creating pleasing print that communicates effectively. Much attention is paid to the graphic design process, and most collateral and video products are designed to be clearly of one "family".

Naturally costs for brochures and flyers are dependent on a variety of factors, number of pages, number of copies, number of colors, etc. Lobo Productions has delivered brochures at rates starting and $2500 and ranging upwards toward $100K.