Cogent Systems: "Beyond Comparison" A short, but highly sophisticated, corporate image / marketing tape for high-tech company, Cogent Systems. It details the evolution of computer-based identification technology in which Cogent is the world leader. This fast-moving production illustrates the top end of corporate communications.

US Army "Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2)"
This action-driven documentary features a platoon of tanks as they fight during a typical ìbreachingî operation. Shot at Ft. Hood during a typical training operation, the production was filmed on-the-fly to show how the Fourth Infantry Division has integrated the FBCB2 device into their fighting methodology.

Sanyo: "Promo"
A whimsical thrity-second spot for Sanyo, this tape communicates a mood and the free-ranging creativity associated with the companies products.

US Army: "UAV Re-tasking"
As UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) make their mark on todayís battlefield, this tape was created to give commanders a sense of how they might be used during a fight, and specifically how they can be moved at will (retasked) to support missions. Featuring soldiers and officers in a simulated environment the tape captures the need for quick thinking and rapid response during combat operations.

UMDC: "Thirty-Second TV Commercial"
A Commercial which aired in Washington DC and several other markets was developed to communicate the main goal of a consortium called UMDC or the United Missile Defense Company. Utilizing high-end stock footage, and an original score composed to the frame, this inexpensive spot looks and feels like a million dollars.

Code of Honor: Television
This five minute clip is the promotional tape for a series of the same name about the US Military. It seamlessly integrates stock footage with original footage and features an original score.