CDs and Websites

Through our network of design professionals, web-sites and other"New Media" products are created to reinforce the overall image of the company or organization and deliver content consistent with is other communications products.

Lobo Productions builds CDs & DVDs, creates websites, and repurposes its still and motion graphics for any and all new media.

Web-sites, like videos, vary significantly in sophistication and the labor required to deliver them. Prices start at $1500 for a simple design. Hosting is available.


As a qualified reseller of V-button technology, Lobo Productions can deliver existing or special purpose video on client's websites or in eMails. This proprietary "single click" technology allows for problem-free eMail and website video streaming, in all mainstream formats, without timeconsuming downloads, or viewer intervention. Embedded eMail marketing campaigns are only available through Lobo Productions.

The V-Button "single-click" technology allows easy streaming of videos without having large files sitting on the client's servers. The production resides on our servers in a number of formats. When a viewer clicks the v-button the video automatically detects the correct format and stream rate and delivers the video in seconds. No need to download.

The V-Button technology comes bundled with sophisticated tracking software that allows the originator of an eMail marketing campaign with embedded v-button to track exactly who is viewing the video, or forwarding it, or taking any action whatsoever.

The clips on this site are V-buttons